DIY Trough Flower Beds.

Rain, Rain, Go Away! The sun is out and let’s pray this beautiful weather is here to stay. Yards in Fort Worth are very green right now, so why not add a little color and make that yard a place to show off! My husband and I love to spend time outside with our son during the day and with wine in the evenings. We have recently made gardening a hobby we can do together as a couple and I think we were both surprised on how well it has turned out. Below is a DIY on our most recent project, Trough Flower Beds!


These are our new beautiful Trough Flower Beds…


Here is a picture of our flower bed outside before all our hard work…

DSCN1297 (2)

AWFUL!!! I know… With a few items and time to set aside for your outdoor project, this can turn into this…


Items you will need for this DIY Trough Flower Beds:

Flowers and/or Vegetables

Gardening Soil

Foam Coolers

(2) 6 ft by 2 ft by 2 ft Galvanized Troughs**


Weed Barrier & Pins

** You can purchase the troughs at your local feed store or Tractor Supply.


1. First you will need to completely clear out your flower bed. Try to even out the dirt so the ground is level.

2. Lay weed barrier and pin down. They sell the pins for the fabric at hardware stores. We tripled the weed barrier in our flower bed. We don’t want those sneaky weeds getting through at all!


3. Place foam coolers in troughs upside down to help with space. We did’t want to fill the entire trough with soil and the coolers help with drainage. You can also use water bottles.


4. Place troughs on top of the weed barrier and pour mulch in remaining flower bed space.

5. Fill troughs with potting/gardening soil.


6. Now the fun part! Plant your flowers!!


We took it a step further and built a smaller garden trough as well..

DSCN1323 (2)

We love to entertain in our backyard. You want plenty of seating for your guests to have fun and relax.


The plant on the coffee table is a Citronella plant to help with mosquitoes and it does well in full sun light!


Look at your local garage sales for old wood tables for dining. It really adds a little character to your patio!



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