Fried Egg BLT with Sriracha Mayo.

This Fried Egg BLT with Sriracha Mayo is so yummy, especially served with my Sea Salt Sweet Potato Fries!! This is so simple. The presentation alone makes me feel like I ordered this off a menu at a restaurant. It’s perfect for those summer weekend lunches at home relaxing.


Recipe for 2 sandwiches…

Sriracha Mayo

1/4 cup Olive Oil Mayo

1/4 tsp Sriracha

  • Mix together in a small bowl





4 Slices of Toasted Sourdough Bread

2 Roma Tomato(sliced)

2 Green Leaves of Lettuce

4 Slices of Applewood Smoked Bacon**

2 Large Eggs

Salt & Pepper to taste

** I cook my bacon on a foil lined baking sheet sheet that has a 1 inch lip on 400 degrees for 10 minutes.

1.  Toast sourdough bread and spread Sriracha Mayo on each slice.

2. Stack lettuce, tomato, bacon and fried egg** on sandwich.

** Heat small lightly greased skillet on medium heat. Crack egg in skillet and season with salt and pepper on low heat. When the egg white is cooked it is ready.


Sweet Potato Fries

2 Sweet Potatoes(Orange Skin Yams)

1 tsp Sea Salt(Fine)

1/4 tsp Pepper

2 tbsp olive oil

1. Cut sweet potatoes into strips.


2. Toss potatoes in medium size bowl with olive oil, salt and pepper.

3. Lay potatoes in a single layer on non-greased baking sheet.


4. Bake at 450 degrees for 20 minutes flipping halfway.

5. Serve fries with Ranch Dressing.

ENJOY this delicious meal!





One Comment Add yours

  1. Susan diaz says:

    Oh yum !!! Can’t wait to try this 😊


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