DIY: Refinish Old Furniture w/o Sanding

We all have those pieces of furniture around the house that need a little bit of a makeover. You might even want a good piece to add to your bedroom but don’t want to spend the designer prices. I have a solution and there is no need to sand when you use the DIY Chalk Paint. Lets save our time and energy!

I found two of these end tables in our garage when we moved in to our home. They were definitely not our taste and did not match anything we already owned. I knew they had potential though and I finally took the time to make these pieces into something special for our family room.


Follow the easy steps below…


You will need:

ArtMinds Chalk Paint $12.99(purchased at Michael’s)

**I used a 16 oz container of paint and it was more then enough for two coats of paint on two end tables.

ArtMinds Clear Wax $6.99(purchased at Michael’s)

Paint Brush(sizes can vary) **I did NOT use the recommended “Chalk Paint Brush”

Sanding Block(only for a vintage look)



How to:

1. Wipe down furniture with a damp cloth. Let furniture dry completely before painting.


2. Paint first coat of Chalk Paint and let dry completely.


2. Apply second coat of paint and let dry. You can add more coats depending on what shade of color you would like.


3. Sand edges of furniture to add a vintage look. (OPTIONAL)


4. Wipe down gently with damp cloth to remove any dust from sanding. Let dry.

5. Apply one coat of ArtMinds Clear Wax with a brush. Let dry for at least two hours. Overnight is preferred.

6. Add new hardware to furniture. I purchased these drawer pulls at Target for $6.99(set of two).


Here are a few pictures of my finished tables… (They are not as dark as they appear in the pictures below.)





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